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Aqua fresh-Mineral Water Purifier

Brand: Aqua
Product Code: Aqua fresh
Availability: Out Of Stock
Ex Tax: Rs2,990
Specification of Aqua fresh-Mineral Water Purifier

Aqua  fresh  ( Mineral Water Purifier  )

Aquafresh Water Purifier. The Aquafresh Water Purifier is designed as per the conventional method of purifying contaminated water. The Aquafresh Water Purifier comes with a 7-Step Filtration system which uses activated carbons to convert the chlorinated water into clean and pure water.

This is the latest most advance and efficient filter ever designed It need Only one filter to remove impurities such as bacteria contaminants chemicals heavy metal etc..  and yet it retains all the good minerals and nutrient in the water the filter provides you with clean and clear water without any unpleasant odour or taste Patented with high technology, it blends 19 Natural raw material into new product. at high pressure and temperature
Ceramic Filter The ceramic filter is made form highly compressed ceramic diatomic substance it has very tiny prou structures of 0.2 Micron less than half the size of bacteria (0.5 micron - 1 micron).this function is to filer all dirt sand particles and bacteria and ensure that your water is free from any bacteria causing harmful diseases such as typhoid cholera and dysentery.
Brand Aqua


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