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Laundry Ball Gen X

Product Code: Gen X
Availability: Out Of Stock
Ex Tax: Rs1,590
SPECIFICATION OF laundry ball gen x

Cleans clothes without bleach soap or detergent in cold water.

Cheaper then detergents and bleach

Hypo-allergenic-great for sensitive skin

Eliminates mold bacteria and odors.

Leaves Clothes with a clean scent if you miss the detergent fragrance youcan use fabric softener or dryer sheets.

No synthetic detergents eliminating the need for rinse cycles-this saves electricity and water

Protects from discoloration & oxidation of fabrics.

Provides the most spectacular bright whites without bleach

Reduces scale rust and lime build up in washing machines and pipes

Compatible with any washing machine´╗┐.

Instruction for use

Use 1 ball per 18 lbs of wash load for bigger loads use 2 washing balls

Pre treat clothes with to wash atain remover when necessary

It is recommended to wash white and color separately

It is not nacessary to remove washing ball during rinde spinning or drying cycles

Washing ball can be left in washing machine reasy for next use

Smartklean laundry ball can be used for 1 year on the basis of 18 lbs of laundry per day

For berrer efficiency place washing ball in the sun for few hours every month to regenerate ceramic micro beads.

How Does It work ?

Antibiotic : Eliminates mold and bacteria

Alkali : Keeps PH spectrum at the level of ordinary chemical detergents.

Chlorine  :  Exclusion : Eliminates chlorifde compound in water

Far Innfrared & Negative Lons : Insuring molecular motion ensuring a powerful wash

Powerful Magnets : reduce scale and rust in washing machines


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